Farah Notash

Trotsky's Umbrella

Farah Notash

Vienna Nov 2012

Completely incapable of running a simple political conversation with a larynx more suitable for fruit and vegetable markets, he takes a loudspeaker and goes around the city center protesting for Gaza!

On his brochure we find items 1-7: Supporting the heroic defense of Hamas.  Supporting the opposition in Syria against the dictator, supporting anti-Imperialist anti-Zionist Iran.

Although the conflict between Iran as an ally of Bashar Assad and the Opposition is quite obvious for every person interested n politics, he resolves to support both!
The objection is not at all his support of wide range contradicting oppositions but, why is he taking all these irrelevant steps under the red flag?

Calling his organization Revolutionary Communist?! While supporting
all the religious movements?  Why does he call his organization communist and even further, brings the word "revolutionary" in front of it?

Communists are anyway supposed to be revolutionary. As a communist he has to support working class's benefit, while all the religions are for class distinction.
And all the religions feel absolutely free to kill the communists.  And that is why the Imperialists are supporting them.

Of course it is the duty of all the communists and anyone who calls himself a human being to defend the highly oppressed people of Palestine, who have been under extreme criminal colonial pressure of Zionists for the past 100 years. But that does not mean the Hamas or any religious movement are heroes. They are dictators too.

Where are the Palestinian communists? Where is the organization of George Habash?

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine? What did they do to them?
That does not mean at all the support and defense of any religious organization. All the religions are the superstructure of the feudalist system, and even more of the slavery period. So, do not push the people back, while today the most of the North is in the post industrial period.

Communists will never forget the massacre of more than one million Indonesian communists between 1965-1967 in their houses. Just 80 000 members of the Communist party. A planned American Coup d'état, with a sword impregnated with religion. Even the direct intervention of the American infantry.

The fall of Dr Ahmad Sokarno. The founder of the Non-Aligned movement.
 Then the coming to power of the horrible General Suharto - an American servant.
The corrupt dictator stayed loyal to the USA for the 35 years of his dictatorship.
In 2008 when the Court wanted to question him for his crimes, his lawyer said his health does not allow him to be present in court.

2012, USA: now Indonesia can be a symbol of Islamic democracy.

The Islamist rulers are still the absolute servants of the USA.

That is how the Imperialists play with the lives of the people in the South.
Massacre of communists in a stadium in Chile. Heroic death of Victor Jara...
The behavior of the disgraced Imperialists brings about nothing but misery.
Now Ghater e Qatar (Ghater in Persian for Mule) the American servant is playing a dealer role between Israel and Gaza.

He went with many promises of help to the oppressed people of Gaza.

Then he went to Israel. He asked the rulers of Israel to bomb Syria and then he will give Israel 2 years of oil consumption instead, from Gaza.

That was his help to the people of Gaza!

The armed opposition in Syria is the warriors sent by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Before the Taliban with the Pakistani flag and Al Qaida with the afghan flag were seen there. So Hilary Clinton said the opposition should be cleared from extremists.

But the Qatar and Saudi Arabian warrior are still fighting there.  The people of Syria have suffered and many have been killed in the fight between the two sides.
A meeting was held in Qatar, with delegations from different Imperialist countries.
They organized an opposition. And Hollande the French socialist leader recognized them as the new leaders of Syria. The second was England to admit them .
Sarkozy with help to the Libyans Opposition had 35% of Libyans oil; the future will say how much Hollande will receive for helping the so-called opposition of Syria!  
This is the revolutionary opposition  this so called communist organization is supporting.

With the new Sunni Government in Tunisia. The Shia inhabitants are out of their jobs, and gradually they will start facing other problems.

What is going to happen to the Shia Inhabitant of Syria?

This sick manic religious movement started by Imperialists should be stopped. This is to Destroy the masses. And it is supported by provincial capitalist elements.
Religion is the weapon of Imperialists against communists .Then it is so funny when a communists start supporting religious movements! It is in the end against the benefits of the working class.

All the Imperialists servants, religious or non religious, have to be dictators. This is a fact. Otherwise they cannot serve their lord.

Democracy in the south with the presence of Imperialists in the North is just a credulous illusion.

When Obama says: Gaza should stop sending Rockets to Israel... as if Gaza was just there to receive Israeli bombs!

When Obama Says: We support Israel to defend its civilians….. As if the people of Gaza should not be defended in front of Israeli bombs!

Talk of human rights? Isn't it a waste of time?!

For a long time the decrepit English Imperialist has been playing with religions to rule the world.

Although Trotsky was never a communist, if he knew how widely he would be exposed and misused by the Imperialists, he would have never allowed Stalin to kill him, but he would have himself wiped his existence from the political Scene for ever.

Never mind how many times he writes "revolutionary" in front of his tiny organization, the working class will never be deceived and will never be attracted.
There are always new faces in his group, mostly at late school aged. As soon as they find out the facts, they leave. And he has to brainwash some new ones.
Trotsky's umbrella was started in "Great Britain" (as the Trotskyists are dedicated to name it) to cover the whole world, and this is one of the Austrian sections.
They are all supporting religions, the Trotskyists I mean!

Is it accidental that the center point for all the different branches of Trotskyists is London?!