Farah Notash

Trickster lot... in Syria

Farah Notash

2013-08-29 Vienna

The holey! Imperialist, USA who still have not cleared out of Iraq and

Afghanistan, do not have the guts to open a new frontier.

Therefore in Syria, by mobilizing International Al-Qaida with the deputy management of Al-Nasr, the new frontier is fighting against the Syrian army.

With economic and arms supports of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Al-Qaida terrorists are trained straight by American army specialists in Turkey and Jordan .Then  through the borders are sent to Syria. But they have been losing to the Syrian army.  So for overcoming this problem, the USA in an extensive plan of attacking the prisons, to free the Al-Qaida prisoners in 9 countries, has freed hundreds of the most criminal and dangerous Al-Qaida members to mobilize them to Syria. In Afghanistan and Pakistan even the security forces in the freeing processes have been active.

On the 3rd of August Interpol in a statement gave out a security notice for danger, and asked 190 member countries to help finding out about these organized prisons attacks.

But on the 2nd of August the USA closed her Embassies in 21 countries to take precautions steps against Al-Qaida's attacks!! But we saw no attacks!, and as if closed Embassies could not be attacked?! The problem of the USA and her Zionist consultants is that they think, the people of the world are stupid, and they are intelligent and can play all sort of tricks on the Nations. Of course many of the Arab states in the Arab League are the servants of the USA and also are responsible for the massacre of the Syrian Nation. 

Making chemical weapons is not difficult, and many countries have the capability of making that. But a few months ago passing chemical weapons to oppositions fighters in Syria through the borders have been seen. And in the warehouses of the opposition, the Syrian army has found chemical weapon with  "made in Saudi Arabia" on it.

Due to USA request, there was a big discussion among the EU governments to provide weapons to Syrian Oppositions fighters. France was for it. But even then when it investigated the Opposition, they were 85% international Al-Qaida. So the discussion was over. 

About 3 weeks ago 200 Kurds were taken by Al Qaida and the men were decapitated. That shocked the world.

It was a few months ago when a member of Al Qaida ate the heart of an army soldier and he said ... that is what we are going to do.

Without any human principles, they are trained to do everything they can, like the American soldiers in Vietnam.

The USA has been losing to the Syrian Army and is angry.

The USA has not been able to impose the Moslem Brotherhood on the Egyptians, and is angry.

The Imperialists, to rule the world, want to keep the area agitated and turbulent, as in Iraq. 40...50... 70 People are killed every day due to terrorists' activities.
 By Sadam
After the usage of chemical weapons in Halabche Hussein in 1987

 Was the usage of Phosphorus bombs in the Gaza strip by Israel in 2008  

But the imperialists Medias don't mention that, or isn't it a chemical weapon?!

And more, holey USA with her everlasting partner, holey British imperialist would like to have Iran tumble down next.

Of course humiliating Russia and China would make them happy too.

Obama tried to represent a humanist anti-war side of him, but now gradually the masks are falling and he is showing his real Imperialist pro-war face.

Without a mask the USA Obama calls his criminal partner, the British Imperialist. Now that their deputy has not been able to win the war, they want to step in personally.

Surely the USA knew, and usage of the Sarasin Weapon was the last part of her plan, the excuse, before the attack. They themselves had given it to Al-Qaida to use it.

They say the Syrian government organized the chemical attack. But this is a joke! It would be suicide for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons, as they know this would be an ideal excuse for the imperialist countries to attack Syria. Last year, Obama clearly said that if the Syrian government used chemical weapons, they would be "crossing a red line" which would justify military intervention. The Syrian government can't be so stupid to give the opposition just what it wants!!

In the case of Sadam Hussein, they had also given him the chemical weapons to use it, so that they have an excuse latter to attack Iraq. To destroy and bring down the country and help themselves to the oil.

 Again it was the USA and Israel who used chemical weapons in Gaza themselves.

They are the mass murderers and that is why they produce it.

The USA regime is the main source of all the miseries in the world. Even before this mass murdering, it is responsible for the greatest tragedy of 1000000 Syrian children refugees.

All the Nations need to free themselves of this highly infected sick monster and her other Imperialist partners and dirty appendages.