Farah Notash

Open letter to all the progressives in the occupied Palestine

Progressives or none progressives, the people who live  in occupied Palestine, are occupiers.

After 110 years of recorded inhuman behavior of Zionists

In Palestine, now the expectation from the progressives is, to start a serious action towards humanity and just in occupied Palestine.

The arrangement of the huge immigration of the occupiers out of Palestine, is regarded as a peaceful action towards the global peace.

Other wise the story will go on as it has been going on for the past bloody 110 years.

Please announce laud the numbers of the people immigrating every month.

As the time is running fast, to over come further blood shed, there is no more need for conferences ,lectures, and Films.

Quick movement for evacuation would be highly appreciated.

Left Unity
Farah Notash
10 May 2009