Farah Notash

Morals in Politics

Naturally parties or organisations are established by their founders to dismantle a multidimensional ideology. In communist parties the ideology has always been Marxist-Leninist. A party or an organization consists of the members with a great spectrum of weak “pale” to strong believers of the ideology in question, due to their cognition, their class base, acknowledgement and training.

The members with strong beliefs are like lamps with a strong light. They work from the heart. The weak, pale or poorly educated members or opportunists are like dying candles which are blown out with a slight wind.

It is obvious that high quantity with high quality achieves success for the party or organization.

Opportunists enter the party to occupy a position. They are not believers in the ideology. They think merely of their own future benefits. They are easily bought and change their direction easily. All of the properties they use, from pencils to houses, etc. belong to supporters of the working class, the Marxist-Leninists. They do not believe in promises. The Marxist-Leninist enemies have their Fifth Column in different positions of the parties.

When members do not follow the activities and flow of the movements and are not constantly watchful they give a good opportunity for opportunists and the Fifth Column to find a way to achieve a better position in parties. The aim of these people is to destroy, disable and discredit the movement.

When members are not alert and responsible, they allow these false elements to grow, take over and command. The real supporters of the ideology remain a minority and opportunists and the Fifth Column take over and command. Unaware members of the party get accustomed to changing its ideology. Most communist parties have been drowned in these kinds of problems. Unaware members often do not know that their party has departed from its ideology for a long time.

They do not know that theirs is no longer a communist party. It is simply well organized, wicked charlatanism to stop the class-struggle. It is very sad when the working class is unaware that it is voting against itself.

Who are the true supporters of the working class and what is their ideology?

Karl Marx is the true supporter of the working class and his “Marxism” is the true and pure philosophy and working class ideology, which was later evaluated by Lenin (“Leninism”).  Those who mix this ideology with other thoughts should be watched. They mix and mix things until the ideology is washed out.

The enemies of the working class do this mixing, step by step. They  take bits and bits until they leave the working class with no support and ideology. The working class should study the books of its supporters. It should know that the opportunist intellectuals, the mixers, will leave it with no weapons and shields in the one-sided globalization.

Communism was founded and based on Marxist-Leninist ideology. Now we are facing communist parties without the true communist ideology. Evacuation and off-loading has taken place. Who has done this? And who has left the working class without ideological weapons for the struggle and why? Who benefits from this disarmament?

Social democratic parties have long been active and are working successfully. Why do the leaders of the communist parties, then, cheat the working class and ruin their own party. Why do they lie and what do they gain by these falsehoods and untruths?

Now, with the current and many problems of globalization, in order to rescue the future of the working class the members of the communist party needs to be pure, human, true, intelligent and shine with high awareness and cognition.

What is this disgusting game which has been played for such a long time? To whose benefit is the scattered army and what are they doing? These parties, which have been dead for such a long time. This is not a way to choose a hobby! Why don’t those in the communist parties who believe in the social democrats simply arrange a goodbye party and happily join the real social democratic parties. Why not leave the communist parties for the Marxist-Leninist supporters of the working class? Why aren’t they honest with the world and their nations? Until when will they cheat, deceive and lie? The working class should rise and shake these dividers from the head and the body of the party and move forward firmly to rescue the future.

Left Unity, September 2007