Farah Notash

Concerning the plural left project in Austria

No doubt unity is a lever of power.  

The unity of leftist organisations, parties and individuals is a
positive event, an event the main aim of which is to support the working
class' interests, both physical and mental.
This rising power claims social justice through regular and harmonious
struggles in breaking the constant growth of class distinction.
At this point in time the global working class, with the bitter
experience of the collapse of the USSR, followed by the after-effects in
the world's leftist parties, is more than ever under the great pressure
of the freely expanding wings of imperialism.
Thus, the necessity of aware and conscious prohibition of causing
further emotional losses to the working class and bringing multiple
frustrations is obvious and vital. The loss due to any further break,
split and any collapses will aggravate the deteriorating condition of
the working class.
Any rushed, underestimated, unanalyzed actions, with no consideration of
the historical background, causing defeats and failure, will raise
hopelessness, emptiness and total surrender, the consequences of which
aid the greater expansion of imperialism.
Caution: this should be considered as a one way street, with a very
clear destination of the absolute victory of socialism. For this reason,
a stable foundation is essential.
Only trees with strong roots can resist the terrible storms.
Recalling the well organized, well-equipped imperialists with their
trained post modern active revisionists, professional active agents
specialized in deforming, passifizing, splitting, paralysing, and
eventually leading the direction of the movement towards the absolute
benefits of imperialists.
Concentration on and maintenance of a long strategic path is essential.
For a speedy rise of quantity, consolidation with every diluted pink
instead of red, is a clear choice of a not so far splitting destination.
Surely, a dominating revolutionary element is the quality.
The absolute pure loving red Marxism with the revealed complementary
Leninism. 'Imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. A true
analytic explanation of the contemporary running political situation of
imperialism, globalisation.
At this stage worries for quantity can not be the question. The main
problem is the cognition of the correct concept defending working class
ideology and accumulation of true red groups and individuals around the
unity's axis.
No doubt confirmity and compatibility of the actions and slogans given
will attract masses around
the unity.
With accepting and admitting none red groups and individuals round the
pivot of unity, the danger of slipping to the right and consequently
splitting is obvious. This vacillation to the right and left will not be
interesting for the working class, and it will not trust and will not
support the movement.
The bitterness of this failure should be imagined now and all steps
should be taken now to prevent this.
No further loss can be tolerated by the working class. The working class
will ignore the intellectuals as it did in past years.
Success will begin when the correct steps are taken and the correct
direction is chosen.
Every one claims to be a leftist. A touch stone is needed to test and
assay. Checking the writings and actions of the recent past is not
difficult. In international stages the position on Palestine demasks the
faces. This can be one of the touchstones to estimate the level of red
The true communist is against war, occupation, massacres and all
transgressions of human rights, which the State of Israel has applied
for 60 years on the Palestinian people. A look at the map of
Israel/Palestine during these years of occupation shows clearly what has
Shutting ones' eyes to the facts and supporting Israel is the action
taken by post modern revisionists.
Trotzky says: Revisionists are the gate openers for Imperialists.
So all the groups and individuals coming from a revisionist background
in order to show their honesty it is necessary to possess self-criticism
(if they do not have any obligations to imperialists.)
In Marxism there is no back confession room, so loud, open to public
self-criticism with the purpose of leaving the parties will be light of
cognition.This will purify and will make the ties strong. This will be a
serious step for maintenance and stability.
Sotwo main questions arise:
1 establishing left unity
2 keeping and stablizing left unity
The first point needs a touchstone. The second part also needs a key .
Marxism Leninism in dynamic dialectic materialism will be that key.
In this new revolutionary action drawing an X over selfishness will be a
shining light in every hand to find the way in this dark depressing
stage of imperialistic expansion.
Reading materials suggested:
"What is to be done" by V. I. Lenin
Who are the friends of people?" by V. I. Lenin

Farah Notash
Vienna, August 2008