Farah Notash

Zionist Accusation: Gaza - Explenation

Painted: 2008-2009
Size: 10030 x 240 cm
Technic: Acryl on Cavus
Style: social realism
Concise explanation
This painting consists of three main sections.
Part 1, massacre
Part 2, Sunny perseverance
Part 3, Blockade
1-Massacre by different weapons. Rain of death, explosion of phosphorus bombs, attacks by land forces. Robot like infantry, all drowned in darkness. Although the soldier has raised the finger of the bloody hand for victory, is carrying a
flag with the sign of death, supported by USA flag behind, which also bears the sign of death.
A big wave of blood, with a child head in center.

2-Sun is symbol of an eternal Victory,
Perseverance and constancy for the human rights.
Palestinian man has the wounded son on his arms. Walking in blood
With his Palestinian scarf resembles his nation. Although attacked from all the sides, but is eternally victorious for perseverance.
His face showing pure innocence and all the questions of the nation,
But why?
Why aren't they allowed to live in their own land?
Perhaps one would ask why did not I choose a woman instead?
Because this kind of carrying is characterized in Gaza massacre. As  men were wounded too.

3-Blockade, prison, wall, barbed wire , bulldozer and the Gaza woman aiming to stop the …but always is the victim. The black map of Palestine and the children who are running through the blood with their flags on their hearts, are the hopes of tomorrow.
Although this painting may be the largest painting of art history in defending a nation, but very small in comparison with the misery imposed on Palestinians in the past one century 
Farah Notash 
Vienna : 12.6.2009
Photographed by:  Bernhard Hochenauer