Farah Notash



Missed in "Rossauer-Lände" (Vienna) on 28th November 2006.
If you have Information please contact Farah Notash 0699 108 29 578

Demanding for Light (60x80cm)

from "Beginning with the Sun" (1976)

Going Towards the Sun
Surrounding the Sun
Losing Hopes
Dying for the Sun
Looking at Sun from the Window
Reaching the Sun

from "Trees" (1978)

Growing in Light
Died in Lonlyness
Shot to Death
No Water
No Lights
Red Book of Trees

from "Social Realism" (1976-80)

USA Foreign Policy
Worldwide Reaction
As Prison
Rice Planters
Labrours Protest
Omran Has Not Died
Light Searching Protester
They Took the Father

Foreign Policy

50x70 cm


50x70 cm